Line By Day is built upon inspirations from architectural and nature’s components such as lines, compositions, and textures, and its illusions. Just like drafting an architectural plan, we as individuals draw our personality line by line everyday. Reaching new points, new segments, new directions and ambience, we ourselves create who we are as an individual and as a community. One of LBD’s hopes is to encourage young individuals to draw their personality to create their own unique and special selves that defines who they are.


With our daily inspirations deriving from nature and what surrounds us, we take special attention to what goes into our design & manufacturing process and respect the environment. Our Brand Mission is centered around these ethos to adhere to concepts of slow manufacturing, sustainable cycle, and long-lasting quality that will be part of your wardrobe for decades.


Our designs encourage the creative minds to express themselves and to be comfortable in them. These are timeless and unique pieces and hope to highlight your personality. 

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